Solar Energy

Today RITE forces the newly built homes have a system to capture renewable energy, the most widely used is solar energy, an energy that once the initial investment is free because it comes from the sun, being used either to heat water, to support the heating system or help to heating a pool.

Thermosyphon systems

In systems by thermosiphon circulation in the solar primary circuit is effected by natural convection due to density differences between the hot and cold fluid work. This principle is called thermosiphon circulation, works no pumps or controls ie without auxiliary power, and therefore can be used in places where electricity is not available Thermosyphon systems are cheapest and very suitable for small installations.

Small Facilities A.C.S. of Forced circulations

Small facilities correspond to solar thermal systems for houses of one or two dwellings with a catchment area of up to approximately 10m ² and an accumulator of about 500 liters. These systems do not work by thermosiphon circulation but fluid will be forced by a pump Figure 2.

These facilities consist of a sensor system (basically the collectors), an accumulation system with heat exchanger (which would be the hot water tank), one circulator pump and a controller that controls the circuit. From outside you just view the solar collectors, usually installed on the roof of the house are.
Facilities A.C.S. with sanitary water accumulators
For installations where a collector of more de10m ² to 50m ² are defined as medium installations. Usually mounted on multi-family residential buildings, as well as sports centers, campings, etc.., where the daily hot water consumption exceeds 500 liters. Systems over 50m ² of catchment area are considered large installations.

In these installations the solar accumulator is separated of the tank system conventional heating.

Solar installations A.C.S. and Heating

Heating a home, has one of the largest energy consumption of the total energy demand of this. The system is dimensioned for solar fraction ACS necessary and subsequently support the conventional heating system (gas boiler, gas-oil, electricity or biomass ...), support is between 20% and 50% of the energy demand for heating.

Importantly, the heat emitting system (radiators, floor heating, baseboard, fan coil ...) it is more convenient to use, is the low temperature (<= 50 ° C), so our solar system has higher performance. Figure 4.

Systems A.C.S. combined and Heating

In these systems, the accumulator is charged the same way as in the facilities of ACS small, through the primary circuit, by using a simple differential temperature control.

Solar pool heating installations

With solar systems to heat swimming pools is able to extend the swimming season and improve our comfort rise a few degrees the temperature of the pool.

The system consists of a few simple polypropylene solar collectors, a very low cost, which are installed in parallel with the filter system. You can also use the leftover hot water solar thermal collectors generate an installation of ACS or ACS + heat in summer, and used to heat a swimming pool.

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