Automated Irrigation

Irrigation sprinkler emergent


The development and maintenance of green areas leads to the need for an efficient irrigation system. The evolution of manual systems has led to the application of sprinkler systems, most often used for landscape irrigation.
In this type of irrigation water is sprayed; For this reason, water saving is significant because it is virtually 100% fail also joined the possibility (always recommended) that the watering schedule, programmed through an electronic control system, takes place at night, helps the harvesting and water saving is still much better, helping to contribute our bit in environmental sustainability.

Technical Evolution

The sprinkler equipment initially used mainly base their performance impact sprinklers that are regularly placed on the ground and retired after serving their function.
Subsequently the ease of application, to avoid items with visual impact in the garden and even to prevent theft or damage arose emerging sprinklers are hidden in the ground and emerge only during irrigation.


The sprinkler system is basically composed of a water distribution network; a control system generally includes a controller, a solenoid, and diffusers or nozzles that spray and the drive to the various areas of irrigation. The main existing systems on the market can be divided into two groups: emergent and non-emergent, encompassing three major concepts:

  • Impact Sprinklers
  • Diffusers
  • Turbine Sprinklers

Emerging sprinklers and nozzles are situated at ground level and to receive pressure, a portion of which emerges on the surface to produce the function of irrigation. Completed this sprinkler or diffuser, thanks a return spring, fly to its retracted position. In many cases the sprinklers and spray heads have a small mesh filter for the protection of water spray nozzles.

Impact sprinklers (sprinkler area)

They are devices in which the impact of the water on a moving part causes the displacement of the water jet along a predetermined path. The most important parts can be seen in the example of Figure 1.

Diffusers (emerging)

They are simple, fixed equipment that allow irrigation of a particular sector and fixed terrain. An application example shown in Figure 2.

Turbine Sprinklers (emerging)

These are computers with a turbine which increases the range of the water jet and allows the movement of the jet over a section of land.
The most important parts can be seen in the example of Figure 3.

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