The beginning of business history Fontaneria Ses Aigos dates to 1968, when Juan Adrover started his apprenticeship in plumbing work as an apprentice. Times were simpler facilities with materials now almost obsolete with the passage of time coupled with the experience and followed developments in the trade, made Juan opened the doors of its first company around the year 1976.

In 1979 his brother Miguel started working on it, evolve it and part of it until was born in 1993 Fontaneria Ses Aigos SL, a plumbing company that pointed toward specialization in the sector, forming professionally and adapting to new market.

Pioneers in the use of thermo welded pipe PPR, specializing in heating, automated irrigation and focusing on new challenges and pointed, in solar energy, underfloor heating, pool heating ...

All this without ever losing its character as a family business, but always looking to the future.

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